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Why SunSafe Films Are Great for Homes and Businesses

Transforming Commercial and Residential Windows with SunSafe

Building owners have a lot to keep track of. The way their building looks and the level of functionality it offers are both very important.

Windows are the type of component that many people views as homogenous.

It is possible to improve the look of frames or replace cracked panels, but many people think this is all that can be done to their windows.

However, window films are a high-quality product that can help people enhance their windows’ ability to reject heat and glares.

SunSafe is a leading name in window transformation, providing services to residential and commercial facilities in San Antonio, Texas. With a wide-variety of products and over 13 years of experience, they’re a top choice for many homes and businesses that want to transform their windows.

Frequently Asked Questions About SunSafe Film

SunSafe films are applied by trained technicians. A specialized gel bonds them to the interior surface, helping them stay secure and provide plenty of reliable use.

Films come in various forms, both in terms of the level of protection they offer and their appearance. In addition to choosing between various levels of heat rejection, customers can choose films that add a darkened hue or a slight frost to their windows. Or, if they prefer, they can opt for a very subtle film that is hard to notice.

SunSafe films can even offer safety benefits – if the glass shatters, the films can catch shards and reduce the mess that’s left behind.

Residential Applications: Keep Homes Cool and Comfortable

Everyone wants their home to feel as comfortable as possible. Usually, a sunny day makes for a great opportunity to pull back the curtains, open the blinds, and let some rays beam through the glass.

However, too much sun can make a home stuffy and uncomfortable. During a hot clear day, even closing the blinds and curtains may not do much to help a homeowner beat the heat.

Transforming residential windows with window films can help them stay cooler during the summer. It can also help keep warm air in during the winter months, making films useful year-round.

In addition to saving homeowners money on energy bills by making them less reliant on heaters and air conditioners, films can even reduce glare and make it easier to see outside.

Commercial Applications: Keep a Business Looking Great

Commercial businesses need to create the right environment to help workers perform at their full potential and ensure customers have the best experience possible.

Window films can help businesses control the climate.

They can also ensure a building looks professional by offering visual uniformity for the windows and removing the need to use clunky window coverings that are easily visible to passing people.

Films can even protect the interior of a building. Rays beaming through on a warm day can lead to floor and furniture surfaces fading, requiring costly touch-ups and replacements. Business owners can protect their property from sun damage by applying proven window films to their facility.

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