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Make Graffiti Cleanup Quick and Easy with Window Films

Graffiti-Free Helps Businesses Avoid Permanent Damage by Vandals

In a perfect world, the worst thing a business owner would ever have to worry about is running out of products because they got too many customers.

However, retail and commercial managers know that there are plenty of hazards out there to keep track of. Despite their best efforts, however, it is impossible to prevent a business from being vandalized in some cases.

Graffiti artists love to target retailers and businesses, as they know these locations are frequented by many patrons and will thus make their “art” viewable to a larger audience. For management, this can be a costly and frustrating problem to deal with.

It’s impossible to completely eliminate vandalism, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing that can be done – SunSafe’s Graffiti-Free window films provide a protective coating that can be replaced for an affordable price.

How Businesses Usually Contend with Graffiti

When vandals strike and leave their mark on a business’s windows, it’s more than just an eyesore. It can be a major financial setback, especially if the problem happens continuously.

Catching the criminals on camera doesn’t undo the damage, and sometimes common solutions like power-washing and specially made window-cleaners don’t provide the results a business owner is looking for.

Some areas are known for graffiti vandals to such a degree that companies opt to cover their windows at night – but this can also be a cumbersome process, and one moment of forgetfulness can leave a costly problem awaiting management the next morning.

How SunSafe’s Anti-Graffiti Films Work

SunSafe is an industry leader in the field of window films, providing products for everything from glare control to heat rejection.

Their anti-graffiti films function similar to a protective seal on a mobile phone. They act as a disposal shield. When the graffiti vandal makes their mark on the window, they’re actually doing so on the film.

SunSafe can replace the film at a fraction of the cost of what it would take to replace the entire window. This leaves the glass pane intact, allowing businesses to ensure graffiti won’t be permanent and that they can remove the eyesore without breaking the bank.

While the main benefit of these films is that they help businesses avoid being plagued by permanent damage without requiring them to pay exorbitant sums on cleanup, they also offer additional perks.

More Reasons to Get Anti-Graffiti Film

While a tagged window is bad, a shattered window is worse. Businesses that get their windows broken have to worry about a replacement and ensure the glass shards don’t endanger staff members or customers.

These films can help bind shards together and function as a type of safety net, preventing a bigger mess from occurring. They can also increase the durability of the window and stop the underlying portion from being defaced.

They offer protection without turning the window darker or giving it a reflective property, so customers can still see the inventory form outside. Even the maintenance is simple, requiring only basic soap and water to clean.

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