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How to Prevent Fading of Your Furniture

Fading Protection: Protecting Your Household Items Against UV Radiation

Have you ever wondered why your household items keep on losing their luster and fade even though they are always indoors?

And if you’ve been keen enough, you should have noticed that the fading effect mostly occurs on items that are continuously exposed to sunlight.

So what’s about the sun that causes this fading effect?

Is there a way to prevent it?

A great way to answer these questions is knowing the exact cause of the fading and discoloring of your furniture.

What Causes the Fading and Discoloration?

Light emitted from the sun is comprised of three different bands of rays – visible light, infrared light, and ultraviolet light.

Of these three bands, ultraviolet rays have the least wavelengths ranging between 290 and 380 nanometers.

According to our high school physics, the light’s wavelength and the amount of radiation emitted are inversely proportionate. This means the UV light, which has the smallest wavelength, emits the highest levels of radiation energy.

Short-term exposure to the UV light shouldn’t have any substantial effects on a surface.

However, in long-term exposure, the radiation energy from the UV rays can be quite detrimental.

In fact, long-term exposure of UV radiation on human skin has been established as a leading cause of skin cancer.

On your furniture, the prolonged exposure causes gradual degradation which leads to fading and discoloration.

“And what about the visible and infrared rays?” you might ask.

Well, these rays aren’t as harmless as you might presume. They act as catalysts of the fading process, thus, accelerating the effects caused by the more destructive UV rays.

Don’t Despair, Sun Safe Film Has Got You Covered

So how can you stop the UV radiation from ruining all your precious household items?

You certainly cannot stop the sun. Shielding your home from the infiltration of UV rays using curtains is not really effective either. Also, keep in mind that you’ll still want to enjoy the glorious morning and evening sunlight.

It may seem impossible to stop the sun’s energy from destroying your items, but there’s certainly a solution that will ensure all your household items are protected from the fading effect of the UV radiation while allowing your home to be naturally illuminated by the same sun.

Sun Safe Film is a Texas-based firm that takes pride in being one of America’s top window transformation companies.

We have years of experience in protecting homes from the sun’s radiation damage.

You are probably aware of (or at least have heard about) the unrelenting solar conditions in Texas.

It, therefore, goes without saying that Sun Safe Film has the edge in producing the most effective window protection products, as it is located in San Antonio, Texas.

We offer commercial, residential, anti-graffiti, and security window films.

We also authorized dealers for the worlds leader in nano-ceramic window film, Huper Optik, which incorporates the latest technology in its manufacturing process to guarantee you a fade-free living experience at your home and your place of work.

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