《 Security Film 》


No matter where you are, or what your window privacy and security needs are, Madico has the films to fit them.


Windows are, and always have been, the quickest way for people to gain access to homes and businesses. Smashing a window is not as simple as it may seem on TV, and it’s even harder with a protective film on your windows. Hopefully, thieves will have a hard time breaking through our tough, cohesive glass film. Unlike your average glass window, Madico’s SafetyShield 1500 anti-intrusion window film is designed to evade criminals by keeping shards of glass together when they are broken. In turn, this will minimize the damage and encourage criminals to give up. SafetyShield 1500 is among the first films in the world to pass the UL972 standard for Anti-Intrusion, making it the easy choice to help secure your home or business from theft and intrusion.
Madico believes that the most important aspect of our business is the testing of our products. We go above and beyond to make sure it's the most thorough testing possible. We hire independent consultants to test our films under the most extreme conditions. Instead of swinging a sandbag into a pane of glass from 5 feet, Madico films are subjected to detonations of up to 10 psi - enough to take down most buildings. 

Our films meet and surpass more government and international standards than any other films. When you install Madico products, we guarantee you the best products and services that the industry has to offer.
Protect your home or commercial space with our sturdy and protective window film. High winds can wreak havoc on your buildings and cause extensive amounts of damage. Madico’s SafetyShield can prevent harm to you and those in your building or home, but it can also keep wind outdoors. Under the most extreme conditions, like earthquakes, SafetyShield will hold your glass together to minimize damage inside and out.

It's convenient, permanent, and most importantly, a more effective alternative to boarding or taping your windows. Have SunSafe install glass security film to your San Antonio home or business for lasting protection!
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